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          Qingzhou City of Sails China Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Qingzhou City International Convention and Exhibition Center, on the Jinan-Qingdao, East Green high-speed, north Jiaoji Railway, 309 State Road location. Our company set research and development, engineering design, manufacturing installation, commissioning of services in one large-scale sand mining production, the company based on science and technology, leading the development of core technology as the driving force, we have a good reputation, strong technical force, excellent the product quality and integrity of the concept of business development for the enterprises. At present, the sail dredging machinery production base in China, and its production and sales ranks with the industry forefront.

          The company's main products include: dredging vessels, small, medium and large dredgers, gold vessels, radio suction (drilling-type) pump Barge, Barge Rail sizes, dryland (water election) magnetic machinery, sand screening machine, crushing machine, magnetic separator, weathered sand system of sand production line, sand production line, concrete mixing stations, the construction of high-speed railway road stone used in the washing machine, sand washing machines, zircon sand, ilmenite sand, tin sand extraction equipment, stir-long sand washing machine, such as Dump Sand Barge 18 series specifications for more than 90 customers. And designed and manufactured according to customer needs special equipment, factory production, sand mining machinery, gold mining machinery can be completed at the same time, selection, extraction, separation, cleaning and other processes to produce a one-time qualified river sand, iron sand, alluvial gold, stones, etc. Several products have the advantage of high efficiency and low cost.
          Company's development in recent years has become the country's largest sand mining machinery, dredging machinery, dredging machinery, machinery production base of gold. Company has more than engineers, CAD drawings of design center, new product R & D Design Center, and always to a high standard, high demand products that customers return. Shijiazhuang Pump Industry with a powerful, well-known Institute for Dredging Gold Institute has established a good cooperative relationship, the product has been sold since the market in Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hubei, Hunan, Fujian, Guangdong, Qinghai, various provinces and cities in three provinces in Northeast China, the product all over China and exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Malaysia, North Korea, the Philippines, Ukraine and other countries by customers at home and abroad. In the continuous upgrading of product quality based on continuous learning from advanced foreign technology and cultivate a professional after-sales service team. We will, as always, in good faith, mutual benefit and development purposes, a warm welcome to visit clients at home and abroad to negotiate. Sailing machine will always be your trusted partner!
          Address: Qingzhou City Shandong Province, China International Exhibition Center (Donghuan Road and South Perimeter Road intersection 100 meters north west)
          Tel: +86-0536-3538226
          Fax: +86-0536-3538226


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